Tools, Tracks, and Limited-Quantity Items
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A perfect reproduction hinge!
I have new reproduction hinges in stock. Outer, inner hood, M-2 ammo locker door, and windshield armor hinges available. $50.00 each.






Pedestal Light Sleeve, Bakelite insulator, 3 special wire terminals, and the mating large brass nut. This will work on half tracks, scout cars, M-8/M-20 armored cars, and tanks. $149.50 Per Side






NOS Track Spring Adjusting Wrench. This tool can be seen in the manual that lists all the special tools in the tool kit. Limited quantity and priced so every half track owner can add this rare tool to their tool kit. 
$19.50 each
 (New lower price)





Half Track and WWII Ignition Switch Center Tumbler. Mint reproduction. A perfect item to replace your old center tumbler that is missing the cover. 





First time ever offered. Air horn clamp that will seal the air horn to the carburetor. The clamp is reproduced, the bolt is NOS. $85.00 ea.






Wrench Set. NOS. Set for $65.00.






Bogie Wheel "C" Clamp Tool. Used to install and remove the tracks. Set for $70.00.






Volute Spring Compressor. New reproduction, made from an original that was found in a parts box. Made from the same-strength material as the original. Set for $70.00.






We have the late style Footman loops. These are 2 1/4 inches center to center, and are in condition 2.

Contact me at, or call 630-257-1100.

Late style only: $3.00 each.