Manuals for Sale

Gary's halftrack parts book. Includes inventory numbers for easy ordering. ORD 9 SNL G-102 $70.00 each.


Original like-new TM9-1710C chassis and body manual. 309 pages. $50.00.


This manual has to be one of the best manuals I have ever found for a half track. This is a B. F. Goodrich Training Manual. It covers everything from the drive axle back. It tells you how to remove and install tracks, bogie wheels and rear idlers, how to adjust track tension, and even how to install track chains and grousers. 100 pages loaded with pictures, only $55.00


Reproduced manuals:

TM 9-710 Operator and maintenance manual. Latest edition, 503 pages. $59.00 each.

TM 9-1710A Power train rebuild. 191 pages. $29.00 each.

TM 9-1711 Engine rebuild. $85.00 each.

To order, e-mail Gary, or call (630) 257-1100.