Gary Hebding has been a half track collector for 24 years, and a MILITARY VEHICLE PRESERVATION ASSOCIATION member #3240 since 1978.
"Half tracks have been the most interesting vehicle that I have ever worked with. I have been an Industrial Equipment Mechanic for 29 years. I have been in this business for 25 years. Knowing what it means to provide customer service first, I have provided parts and technical assistance to many museums, military bases and the private collectors throughout the United States in the restoration of their vehicles for parades - on their own bases and home towns. I continue provide billable technical services for any customer at their location."

"This is primarily a mail order business. Parts in stock are mostly New Old Stock (NOS), new production, take offs and reproduction. Actual visitation to view or pick up parts or vehicles for sale must be made by appointment only!"
"If you do not see what your looking for, just call FAX or E-Mail me and remember: there is never a dumb question. Just ASK."

"I am always looking for parts and vehicles for half track, Scout car and Armor car. It doesn't matter if it is just one item, or a life-time's collection; please contact me with a list of what you have for sale. Finders fees are paid for leads that result in a purchase."

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